Speedy Capper

 Capper 3 Prototype

Group Members

Mission Statement

We are the third generation of the Speedy Cappers and our goal is create a system which expedites lab experiments involving eppendorf tubes. Eppendorf tubes can create organizational issues and slow down experiments by getting ensnared in each other. To eliminate clutter, and increase efficiency, we have reinvented the eppendorf cap, and invented an uncapping and capping device. We also wish to address vortexing of the tubes, to expedite another step of the lab process, but we did not address this problem this year.


Schedule Matrix

Gantt Chart

Where we should be and when.

Making Caps

 Making of Cap


Final Prototype

Speedy Capper D3


Cap Injection Mold

Speedy Capper D2

Cap Redesign

Speedy Capper D1



Patent Draft

Prior Art

Solidworks Files

The Mold
2013 Cap Modifications
Things to be Machined
Things to be Machined 2
Speedy Capper Design 2 (ALL COMPONENTS)
Speedy Capper Design 3

Introduction Video -- The Adventures of Speed Capper

Cappers Past

We thank these teams for the body of work they left behind for us. If curious, here is some more capper work.

Speedy Cappers of 2011

Speedy Cappers of 2012

Non-Capper Work



House of Quality

A visual aid for adding and improving upon the functionality of a glasses case.

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