The Schedule Matrix

A visual aid to determine possible meeting times.

-How it works? All of the team's schedules are superimposed and the blank slots are when everyone is “free” (since you're never really free in Cooper…)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Alex, Joe Lee Alex, Joe Alex
10:00 Alex, Joe Alex, Lee, Frank Alex, Joe
11:00 Joe Alex, Frank Lee Alex, Lee, Joe
12:00 ESC Alex, Joe Lee, Frank Alex, Joe
1:00 Alex, Lee, Joe Alex, Frank Alex, Lee, Frank, Joe Alex, Joe
2:00 Alex, Lee, Joe Lee, Frank Lee, Frank, Joe EID 103
3:00 Lee, Frank Lee, Joe
4:00 Frank Joe
5:00 EID 103 Alex
6:00 Joe EID 103 Joe Frank, Joe
7:00 Joe Joe Frank, Joe
8:00 Frank
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