Joseph Viola

 Joseph Viola

Welcome! My name is Joe Viola and I am a mechanical engineering student. This is my DAP page, which is an online portfolio of some of my work. To navigate this page, click the pictures.



Here's what you're all here to see, my projects. Click the images to explore my EID projects, FSAE work, or independent projects I have worked on over the last two years.

EID 103

EID 103 is a principles of design course at The Cooper Union. In this class everyone is in a project group for whole semester and also does mini projects and competitions along the way. My project was, The Speedy Capper, a mechanical device which caps and uncaps eppendorf tubes quickly and with one hand. I also built a draw bot and did a House of Quality review for glasses cases. All of these things, in depth, are through the link below.

 The Speedy Capper

FSAE (Cooper Motorsports)

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a competition, which tasks students to be form a mock company and actually produce a formula style race car. Nearly everything on the car is from the mind of a Cooper student. Some things are bought or professionally crafted, but a good portion of the car is made and assembled in house. My major contribution to the Cooper Motor Sports Team is the throttle, which is through the link below.



Some independent projects I have worked on and computers models I have made for fun.
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