Solar Thermoelectrics

Before my senior year of high school I was a summer intern at The Cooper Union. I worked on the Mechanical Engineering Project under Professor Dell, and his TAs James Baker and Subashis Paul. My team and I, which included classmate Robert Walsh, worked on a solar thermoelectric project. The goal was to find ways to utilize “waste heat” and we developed a system which focused sunlight onto copper sheet which created a significant heat difference between the copper plate and a heat sink. A thermocouple was then placed between the hot and cool bodies, and power was made. I look back on that work proudly, but also laugh at how far I've come from it in such a short time.


Final Power Point

Technical Paper

Still tracking this down from my groupmates, I have changed computers since then and have lost most of this project.

Miscellaneous Models

Chess Set

Never machined,but plan on making the board sometime soon, and the pieces somewhere down the line.

 3D Battlefield

 The Gangs All Here


 Close Up

Acoustic Guitar

I was teaching my friend how to use Solidworks and decided that a guitar would be a cool exercise. However, I also decided to go all out and try to dimension this as closely as possible to a certain type of guitar. Different dimensions affect the sounds produced, so I was careful in being accurate. The pegs, on the other hand, I gave up on and just copied what a violin would look like.


 Nut and Pegs


An iris of sorts was the one of the first throttle concepts. Throttle featured in the FSAE section


Upright Piano Exterior

I was in a musical, and a character needed to play a piano on stage. So the plan was he'd play a keyboard since lugging an actual piano on stage for a scene or two is unreasonable, but the hangup was that the show was so supposed to be in 1959 so the modern keyboard would be awkward and tacky. So I told the director I'd make a mock upright piano for the stage, and much to her surprise and delight I showed up with a piano in a week. I modeled it in solidworks for fun, and built it out of scrapped plywood and spindles. Stage crew dolled it up later, I was busy being a star.

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