Alexander Bush ME 2016

Here are some projects that I worked on:

EID 103: Cooper Formula SAE Race car

I am on The Cooper Union FSAE team, the goal of which is to create a formula race car for competition in the annual FSAE race. My first project was designing and building a footrest for the driver's cockpit. The idea was to create a plate that the driver could rest their feet on while driving. This would ease the process of getting in and out of the car, as well as protect the brake pistons, brake lines, and various other electrical wires and cables. The final product was a molded sheet of carbon fiber that is lightweight, covers all necessary parts, and easy to install.

Intel Science Fair:

This science project was the creation of a simulation of a system of molecular motors and microtubules within living cells. The software toolkit that was used was StarLogo. The results of the project were a simulation of a molecular motor and microtubule system as well as an analysis of the emergent behavior between the particles. Specifically the effect of persistence length was investigated, and it was determined that there exists an optimum persistence length in such systems. My final powerpoint presentation is here.

Shaker 2791 FIRST

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