MYcrophone is a new application for Android devices that will improve the question-and-answer experience for both presenters and audience members. From the MYcrophone website, a presenter can see the list of audience members who wish to ask an oral question. When an audience member is selected to speak, the member will be able to speak into his or her phone and be heard over the speaker system. Additionally, the presenter can see a list of text questions submitted by audience members for those individuals too shy to speak in front of an entire audience. The presenter then has the ability to weed out questions and answer them in a more logical manner. As this app is further developed, it will gain the capabilities of cross-platform communication, truly live audio streaming, and personalizable event pages. It will become the standard tool to coordinate any question answer session in any oral presention.

Current Links

Download MYcrophone (.zip, download onto your computer to put onto your phone.)

Download MYcrophone (Link takes you to another website. Download directly onto your phone. Make sure to allow apps from unknown sources.)

MYcrophone Website for Hosts

Problem Statement

The current methods of Q&A in large venues are cumbersome and should be improved using readily available, pre-existing mobile technologies. MYcrophone will manage audience questions throughout the presentation for the speaker to access and answer during the Q&A session.

View the Introductory Video.

Flow Chart


As we developed this app, we realized it can be expanded into many more areas than we originally considered. As we run more user tests, we can discover the best use of the app and fine-tune it to that purpose. Here is a list of our original goals.

Moving Forward

We plan to continue developing this app over the summer. We will first make it suitable for the end of the year show. After, we will develop it to be a marketable app.

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