Aman Grewal, ME'16



  • I have a basic knowledge of C, Python, Java (for Android), Assembly (for MIPS processors), and XML.
  • I have leadership skills.
    • I attained the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and the position of Regimental Executive Officer in Xavier High School's JROTC program, which means I was second in command and in charge of all staff operations.


Here is a collection of projects I have worked on while at The Cooper Union.


I am currently working on MYcrophone.


Digital Logic Design

Andrew Wentzel, M.E.'16, and I created a CMOS circuit that converts an 8-bit binary number into a decimal display of its prime factors.

Prime Factorizer

The circuit essentially works by iteratively sieving out prime numbers. The inputted number is checked for divisibility by 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, and 13. If it is divisible, it is registered in the output, and two counters start counting. The first continuously increments until it is equal to the original number. The second increments at 1/p frequency (where p = the prime by which it is divisible). Once the first counter reaches the original value, the second number becomes the new number to be checked. This process repeats until all the primes have been factorized.

EID101 - Assistive Devices

Mike Ahn, Jihun Kang, Eli Soffer, Tiffany Tang, and I built a system of jacks to put in a wheelchair so that the user may sit at high tables or bars. Click here for more information.


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