Kevin Shi

Hello! My name is Kevin Shi and I am a civil engineer at the Cooper Union. This is a webpage dedicated to display my past and current projects.


EID 101

This is the future of home building.
Our Team: (from left to right) Nish Patel, myself, Jake Potter, and Kendal Li.

Jake Potter and I decided to enter our design in the Google Science Fair. You will find an in-depth description of the project and its design process there.

Google Science Fair Entry


MYcrophone is an Android app project aimed towards completely redesigning the current method for Q&A sessions.
My role is head developer of the app.

Our team is working hard towards completion of this project, so be sure to look for it in the App store soon.
This is the link to our webpage where you will find a more thorough description of our project, our team members, and a link to the MYcrophone website.

EID 103

Here is a picture of a duck I created in Rhino.


Surface model of a Camaro Fender done in Solidworks.

CS 102

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