3D Target

End of Year Show Proposal

The 3D Target Game was designed with the End of Year Show in mind. We asked ourselves, what kind of application of the 3D positioning system used in skycams would be most attractive to the attendees? We decided that a game would be a great way to engage people. We decided that the game had to be competitive, simple to understand and eye-catching. The controls are similar to those of an ordinary arcade claw game, so the learning curve is very flat. The game itself is not very complicated. The player is the pilot of a spaceship, guiding his craft to solar charging stations to refuel. The stations are represented by light-up target boxes. Every time a target is hit, the score goes up.


However, the game quickly gets quicker. The ship begins to move and use fuel faster, and when it runs out of fuel, the game ends. Rounds will be relatively short, so it allows groups of friends to compete against each other and allows us to let a larger audience experience the game. It will also keep track of overall high scores, introducing another layer of competition. The game will use light and sound to attract customers, and may collect quarters to pay for the tuition of the class of 2018. Thank you for your consideration.

Official Website (Still in very rough stages)

Intro Video

The Team

Jason Potter

Arven Rulona

Sergio Rodriguez

Daniel Hsin

Advisor: Professor Brian Cusack

Problem Statement

Create a game or sport where a target moves in 3D space.

This project will involve learning how to build positioning systems - mechatronics. It will also involve sensors, and other electronics. Also, it will be awesome.

Initial Design Sketches

Prior Art

Project Schedule

Project Description

We will be using 3 cables to suspend an object in space. By changing the length of each cable with a pulley powered by a stepper motor, we can place the object at a specific coordinate point. This provides a versatile structure for us to use to design and build an interactive 3D experience. With it, we can visualize a curve in three dimensions or play an exciting target shooting game.

We will be preparing an interactive game for the end-of-year show at the Cooper Union, where the player works against the clock to land a pod on “asteroids” in a random order. The game will have a classic claw game style interface, but the spread of targets fill a whole room.

Work Due This Week

Lima HW

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