Arven Rulona

Hey everyone. My name is Arven Rulona. I am a freshman mechanical engineer and member of the Cooper Union class of '16. Here are some of the projects that I took part in.

Cooper Motorsports

Both as a member of Cooper Motorsports and for my EID101 class, I took part in helping design the team's formula car. I took part in the impact attenuator subgroup. As stated in the name, we were tasked with designing and manufacturing the impact attenuator. Placed on the front of the car, the impart attenuator would absorb the force caused by a head-on collision if that ever occurred.

Computer Science Final Project

For my final project for the drafting portion of CS102, I decided to use Autodesk Maya. Maya is a surface modeling program, as opposed to the solid modeling program Solidworks. Creating hollow 3-D models, surface modeling is most common in the video game industry. Going with the theme of video games, I decided to surface model the helmet of the iconic video game character Master Chief, from the Halo franchise.

For the final project for the programming portion of CS102, we were tasked to make a brickbreaker game in Python. These screenshots include the final code, as well as a screenshot of gameplay. Rhino

Here is a Rhino surface model of the U.S. Military's latest experimental weapon: Metal Gear Duck. Featuring twin-rocket pods and twin railguns, it is capable of deploying both conventional and nuclear armaments.


Here is a partially completed Solidworks surface model of a Chevy Camaro. It is made of matted gold with yellow paint.

Spring Break Photos

This is not engineering related, but here are photos I took during Spring Break, which are on my Instagram account.






DLD Final Project

For my Digital Logic DEsign Final project, my partner and I created a morse code machine translator. Using a button, morse is inputted and the letters outputted are displayed on 16-segment displays. I worked on the latter half of the project, which included programming PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) for alphabet logic conversion and display driving.

I can be contacted at or

Follow my Instagram account: nypinoy




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