You may be interested in a fancier and up to date version of this portfolio

fancier and up to date version of this portfolio (Not yet up to date, but stay tuned!)

Hey, my name's Jason Potter. Most people, including my parents, call me Jake. Some call me Harry.

A select few call me all three at once. I'm Jason Jake Harry Potter and I'm a MechE at the Cooper Union, class of 2016. Check out some of my work below!

Here's my resume, if that's what you're into: Link

Check out my EID103 project here:

Along with Harrison Zhao, I entered the Fall 2012 egg drop, placing third. Our drop was so accurate that it splattered an egg that had landed before ours - leading the judges to believe that our egg had not survived, though it indeed had. Our design used a foam cup as a crumple zone with clay in the base to help stabilize its fall. Next year, we plan to enter a more streamlined version of this design and aim when we drop the egg.


With Kevin Shi, Kendal Li, and Nish Patel, I designed an innovative modular wall system in EID101, taught by Prof. Tzavelis. Here's our foam, plywood and rubber cement column snapping under nearly a thousand pounds of force, and an assembled wall under the simulated pressure of an insanely powerful wind:


Our hope is to return to this project in the future, adding more features to the modules and improving the structural elements. Then, we'll become gojillionaires like Forrest Gump and Professor Lima. This project is being entered in the Google Science Fair this year.

Check out and meet my high school robotics team, of which I am now an active mentor. In my senior year I was president of the team and designed a robot that was way too complicated, learning KISS the hard way.

Here's some images of CAD work I did in my four years as a student member. All models were made in Autodesk Inventor.


I'm also an amateur woodworker, and yes, the pinball table worked until the springs in the plunger split the wood:



Check out my Flickr page to see my LEGO creations and comic art, including my comic strip for the Cooper Pioneer:

No, I will not be attending the Art School any time soon.

And, because I'm not cool enough already, here's my NaNoWriMo profile, to prove that I've written three awful novels:

I also want to say that this website is awesome - it put in the definition of the acronym KISS and I didn't even tell it too. I think that's pretty cool.

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