Cooper Augmented Reality Gallery Space 2

Problem Statement

Our problem is: Developing a systematic way of transporting and displaying 3D models on the facade of the Cooper Union building located at 41 Cooper Square. We must create a data feed which sends information to a mobile device and makes 3D models accessible in the form of art galleries composed by art school students at the Cooper Union. This project will advertise the talents of both the Art and Engineering students by bringing classic artistic techniques into the public eye with exposure in the virtual world. Cooper ARt is in development, and will be available to the public in the coming months.

Schedule and Minutes

Background Research

AndAR - Great platform for implementing AR on mobile devices (Open GL) Need to find this open source code!

AndAR development via Google (Google App Engine)
Fair Use of Media (background songs)


Android Development Resources
Django Web Framework
AndAR Handler Index
Making a SPLASH screen in Java


GeoRSS Design

Splash Screen First Implementation

Implementation of a Splash Screen

Auxiliary Work

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