Alison Acevedo

What is a Bioreactor ?

Advisors: Prof. Nina Tandon, Prof. Eric Lima, Prof. Toby Cumberbatch

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Day 1 at Columbia University's Laboratory for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering for team PlugnPlay

Previous research on electrical stimulation systems and oxygen perfusion for cardiac tissue engineering:

As part of the plug n play team I have the following objectives:

1. Search and Research Sensors
2. Incorporate sensors into plug n play device
3. Incorporate feedback system

Through the course of this project I will be programming arduinos, using them to talk to the sensors and so regulate the bioreactor system.

We will be working with Arduino Uno.

To learn to use arduinos the following arduino tutorial kit was ordered today.

Good sites for arduino and general programming tech resources include
Make Magazine

Short term goals are to research. Find open source sensors, find sensors we can “talk” to using arduinos, install the Arduino platform, become familiar with arduino code.
The sensor we are focusing on finding, designing and incorporating first is a pH sensor. Next to consider is the oxygen sensor. Ideally we can find a device which senses both.


This past weekend, I began working with the arduino, shield and LCD screen. The idea is, if we can control the sensors with arduinos we want the input and output values to and from the sensors to be displayed on the LCD screen.

The arduino is functioning and completed all of the test programs. The shield functions so far as the LED on the shield has been tested. I am having issues with the LCD screen.

The contrast works so the potentiometer is wired correctly. I haven't gotten the backlight to turn on. This forum describes others having the same problem. The tutorial suggested by this forum should help. The LCD shield I'm using has been soldered to an LCD shield, separate from the arduino shield. I would like to test an LCD screen that has not been soldered to the shield so I can find where the problem is in the boards.

Arduino Screw Shield
LCD Screen Wired for Testing

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