Design and Prototyping 2014


Course Schedule: a table of assignments, lectures, and due dates for the course.
Laser Cutter Google Calendar: find out when the laser cutter is reserved for DAP use or free for appointments.

Project Assignments


Laser Cutting

Jackie's Downloads: spur gear templates; Arduino Uno hole template
Laser cutter FAQ: all the basics for using the laser cutter in rm 706.


McMaster-Carr: raw materials, fasteners, hardware, tools, components, information.
SDP-SI: small gears and other mechanical drive components.
Woodcraft: lumber, plywood, woodworking tools. useful information on woodworking and mechanism design.
Wikipedia: Gear
HobbyPartz: hobby electromechanical supplies.


Light Switches


Sparkfun: everything you need for electrical prototyping.
Make an acrylic box
How to glue acrylic
Geneva wheel: a cool mechanism for discreet movements.
Rube Goldberg design ideas
Theo Jansen: mechanical wind-powered sand creatures.
Reuben Margolin: kinetic wave sculptures.
Mechanical linkages in the geometer's sketchpad
Mechanical iris
Creepy pachinko documentary: Japan's addicting mechanical gambling machines.
Crane game: build a giant crane game.

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