Team Name

Team (ONE)

Why not two, you ask?


Team Members

Julian Alvarez

Lead “Dude”

Interests in Aerospace, Product Design, and Mechanical Things

“Why worry about it?”

Unmanned Development Team:

Ewan Kay

One of Two “Other Dudes”

Old Pawn: Revised Pawn:

Leticia Lew

NOT a “Dude”

Allograft Preservation

CNC Laser Cutter:Optics Group

Simple Knight: ←Actually Went with This One to Fit the Aesthetic of the Group

More Complicated Knight (Most Likely Going with This One):

Laser Cutter Mechanism

Yudi Guo

Another One of Two “Other Dudes”

Automated Pipetting

CNC Laser Cutter:Optics Group

Project Ideas

OUR OWN PERSONAL HELL: The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

This is dedicated to the life we were thrust into, unbeknownst to us as we inevitably accepted the scholarship we were granted.



Narrative is as follows: A newly graduated high school student wearing a cap and gown moves around in a circle opposite to the Cooper Union scholarship. He chases the scholarship for several rotations, as a large silhouette of Peter Cooper behind him waves, eyebrows aloft. The mood set by the music playing is hopeful, perhaps comical. The platform below the student and the scholarship ceases rotating, and a cage surrounding it slides out of the base of the automata. Cut-outs of fire slide up, out of the ground on either side of the platform. Peter Cooper's hand ceases waving, and falls into an open gesture, suggesting that he is displaying the cage and its contents for us to see. His eyebrows fall into a frown, and he is illuminated by red LEDs from below. The music abruptly changes simultaneously with these actions to a melody of horror. After the song finishes, the student resumes chasing the scholarship, Peter Cooper resumes waving, and the music once again becomes happy as the scenario repeats.

Waving Hand Mechanism

Music Box Design

Pictured are various layers of gears and pulleys from the side view of the music box. The first layer is just gears which are connected to the transmission of the music box. The second layer consists of raising mechanisms, which are each several layers. Two of these will be fire mechanisms (only one pictured), another a cage raising mechanism, another a hand waving mechanism, and the last an eyebrow raising mechanism.

The raising mechanism consists of two axles vertically aligned. The gears on layer 1 are attached to the bottom axles to transmit power. The bottom axle is allowed to rotate, but its location is fixed. The top axle is in a slot so that it can move vertically. The bottom axle has a sharp snail cam that raises the top one, which is forced downward by two rubber bands connected to freely rotating wheels. The two axles are also connected by pulleys and timing belts that engage when the top axle is forced up by the cam. The pulleys are only needed in the fire and waving mechanisms. Additional gears are connected to the top axle of the raising mechanism depending on its specific purpose.

The eyebrow raising mechanism is a regular raising mechanism with the attachment pictured. When the top axle raises, it pushes toward the outer end of the eyebrows, which are fixed on axles attached to Peter Cooper at their inner ends. When the top axle of the raising mechanism is lowered, the rubber bands attached to the outer ends of the eyebrows pull them back to a neutral position.

Solidworks Drawings

Official Musicbox Assembly (from Lima)

Here's some


Fixed Parts for Tolerances:

PC Silhouette (in Illustrator but ready to lasercut): *Note: Size and location of hole for arm is the same as the original part

A Non-Scaled Silhouette of PC for Rescaling Purposes:


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