Automatic Pipetter Unit

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Problem Statement

In a laboratory, chemists often need to make multiple samples of solutions and thus require the pipetting of a common solution many times. However, this can become very strenuous and repetitive to the chemist as well as lead to the propagation of human error. Automated pipetting solves these problems and allows for more precise results than manual pipetting while freeing personnel from the bench.

Schedule and Minutes

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Background Research


Function Chart: pipetter_function_chart001.pdf
Front Design: pipetter_front_design001.pdf

Pipet Holder:

  • Fixed Diameter Clip which holds the pipet near the center of the pipetter
  • Variable Diameter Clip which has the same mechanism as a guitar capo

Pipet Presser (Options):

  • Cam-Like Design
  • Lead Screw Linear Actuator (Look at background research)
  • Solenoid

Tray Design:

  • Total dimensions of 8.50” x 8.50”
  • One original solution sub-tray (3.50”x3.50”)
  • Two well sub-trays (2.50”x5.00” each)
  • One tip holder (3.50”x5.00”)
  • One tip disposal sub-tray (1.50”x5.00”)

Tray Measurements

QT Path Generator

Automated Pipetter Videos/Presentations

EID103 Auxillary Homework

InkJet Printer:
Function Chart: printer_function_chart001.pdf
Part Details: printer_function_chart002.pdf

Quality Function Deployment:
QFD Chart: automated_pipetting_qfd_chart.doc

Yudi Guo
Anthony Adal

Rubber Ducks:
Jessica Loo
Anthony Adal
Yudi Guo

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