Team Sexy

  • Mission: To make a very awesome automata
  • Means: Utilizing the abilities of Cooper's finest (yours truly)

Team Members

—–Anthony Adal—– —————–Alex Berger—————- –Malcolm Dell– ———–Eric Leong———–
Anthony Adal Alexander Berger Malcolm Dell Eric Leong

Project Idea

  • Cooper Union student is pacing around Cooper Union classroom
  • Concert is happening in city next to Cooper Union building
  • Jail bars are moving up and down as student is looking at concert

  • Summary: Student is “trapped” in Cooper Union
  • Side Note: Subway scenery to compliment mechanism below the concert and Cooper building


Facing the Door

This mechanism turns the student toward the door of the Cooper building and turns him back around to his normal orientation.
This is driven by the “Moving the Door” mechanism.
Student Driving mechanism

Moving to the Door

This mechanism moves the student towards the Cooper building and brings him back to his normal position. This drives the
“Facing the Door” mechanism.
Top Isometric
Attached is also the motion study for this mechanism:
Solidworks Motion Study

Entire Mechanism Assembly (Solidworks)

Attached is the entire assembly of our mechanism that runs our automata in Solidworks:
Solidworks Assembly of Complete Mechanism


Attached are a few pictures of the automata being a work in progress:


Here are a few pictures of the finished and fully functional automata:


Some Additional Prototyping

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