January Minutes

Week of 01/16/2012

Split up into Sub-Groups:

  • Machine Shop: Anthony and Eric
  • Laser Cutting: Alex and Malcolm

Discussed Potential Ideas:

  • Cooper student isolated in automata while world around him is amazing
  • Orchestra that plays music (drums and strings)
  • Frankenstein themed

Decision - Decided on “Cooper student being isolated” idea:

  • Worked on ideas for “outside world” of the automata
  • Discussed the mechanisms involved for Cooper student's movements
  • Discussed how to rotate between different events in “outside world.”

Machine Shop:

  • Learned how to use mill

Prototyping Lab:

  • Learned about various types of prototyping (wax casting, 3D printing) and assigned to make solidworks model of an item to be printed

Week of 01/23/2012

Discussed specifics/mechanisms for the automata:

  • Student with a desk centers the automata on a small “pedestal”
  • Student is enclosed by a building (resembles Cooper Union)
  • Outside events rotate around the student
  • “Time of day” mechanism
  • The “time of day” dictates the event being animated
  • Drew preliminary design for student movement
  • Drew designs for overall automata movement

Machine Shop:

  • Learned how to use lathe to make screws for automata
  • Practiced on the mill with scrap piece of aluminum

Prototyping Lab:

  • Went over initial solidworks models to be prototyped with the 3D printer
  • Received overview of using the Laser Cutter (vector vs. raster) and tried to cut out a circle from a single sheet of paper without cutting the sheet below it
  • Assigned to make a display showcasing various methods of joining 2 pieces of plastic

Week of 01/30/2012

Machine Shop:

  • Began making outside block for individual projects

Prototyping Lab:

  • Went over various types of 3D printing (FDM, Sintering, Stereolithography)
  • Became more familiar with the limitations of prototyping with a non ideal material
  • Made aware of the challenges faced when using a CNC machine to produce a prototype
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