Anthony Adal

Hi I'm Anthony Adal!
I am a Mechanical Engineer of the Class of 2014 of The Cooper Union.

Puzzle Box

The puzzle box was a three piece assembly made during the first half of the semester in the machine shop.
The pieces consist of a pin, an outside box with a hole, and an inner block with a hole.

Separate Pieces:
Separate Pieces

Assembled (Front):

Assembled (Back):

Quick-Back Mechanism

The quick box mechanism translates rotational motion into horizontal motion but at varying speeds.
As one rotates the mechanism one way, the bottom rack moves at a almost constant speed, but as the
mechanism is continued to be rotated, the horizontal motion turns around almost instantly in the
opposite direction. Worked with Eric Leong.


Chess Piece - Rook

We were tasked with making individual chess pieces in Solidworks. These pieces were later made using
a 3D printer.

Rook - Front
Rook - Top
Rook - Bottom

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