Hi, I'm Jonathan Au, a mechanical engineer attending The Cooper Union. This is a webpage showing some of the work I have done.

EID101D - Hit N' Fit


This is a punching pad system attached to the top of a treadmill. There is a entertaining and engaging game in which a user runs at his or her preferred pace, and he or she hits a pad when its corresponding LED light turns on. The user receives points based on each target correctly hit.


I worked with Ahuva Landman, Shoshana Sigal, Jenny Jung, and Jacqueline Le in the construction of the punching pads. Matthew Fu, Matthew Palmer, and Jeff Tam worked on the electronics and programming.

This is a sketch of what the inside of our punching pads looks like.

EID103 - Bike Transmission Upgrade

I worked with Amos Chung, Jacqueline Le, and Troy Singletary to develop a transmission system for a bike.

This is a picture of the model of the transmission we designed.

ASCII���User comments

Our transmission operates by pawls (the parts that are pointed to). At different speeds, different sets of these pawls push against splines in the shell (picture below). This causes the shell to rotate, and since the shell is linked to the wheel, the wheel would spin.



  • As a side project, we also created a drawbot to draw shapes within a given boundary. Our design used the polar coordinate system rather than the x-y system, which everyone else used.

For more, in-depth information on both of these projects, click on Transmission Upgrade

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