Folding Bike

Project 1

Project 2

Contact Information

  • Jenny Jung: 917-301-1103 text/call
  • Jackie Le: 443-616-6225 text/call
  • Troy Singletary: 646-315-2385 text/call
  • Jonathan Au: 347-628-2699 text/call
  • Andrew Liu: 646-465-3156 text/call
  • Mike Ahn: 718-775-7702 text/call
  • Deanna Kovalcin: 732-991-7875 text/call
  • Amos Chung: 917-517-3507 text/call
  • bfold: We should schedule a visit.
  • NYCeWheels: We should schedule a visit.
  • Maxwell von Stein: (?) We should contact him.

Background Research

Existing Product (shaft-driven folding bicycle):

Existing Product (folding bicycle):

Existing Product (Brompton folding bicycle, the cool one in the lab):

Existing Product (full suspension folding bicycle):

Existing Product (elliptical):

TRANSMISSION Concept/Prototype (gear-shifting shaft-drive):

Concept/Prototype (hubless wheel):

Concept/Prototype (folding bike with bag incorporated):

Concept/Prototype :

Concept/Prototype (BMW):

Concept/Prototype (donut):

Concept/Prototype (Maxwell, CU Grad's Flywheel Bike):

Angry Mike's bicycle bible

Miscellaneous research (about gears, derailleurs, shifters etc.): Sorry that it's not that organized. These were the notes that I took during my research. -Jackie



Duomatic and Automatix hubs:

Single fork designs: (enve clad):

Cannondale Onbike (with folding)

Leading link swingarm suspension

Sheldon Brown Website:

Principles of Design 2013

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