Arduino Games 2012

I don't even.. Our goal is to take the Arduino game concepts from previous EID 103 classes and continue development on these existing technologies. We plan to use Arduinos to innovate and build games that transform the old classics such as air guitar, gumball machines, and Marco Polo into exciting and immersive experiences.

Fast-Forwarded to...Half-way thereFast-Forwarded to... Fun is for Friends who...

Stepper Motor

Lifting Bed

House of Quality

Intro Video

The Three Projects

Team Members

———Daniel Bach————————–Gary Go————————-Kristin Miller——————-Jackie Song———————–Yee ho Song——————Jonathan Yong

Daniel Bach Gary Go Kristin_Miller Jackie Song Yee ho Song simpsonjohn.jpg


Initial Group Designs

Meeting Minutes

Project-specific minutes are located on the three project wiki-pages.



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