Minute - March


  • We confirmed the list of necessary parts with Prof. Lima
  • Since we are using the new pump, we need to find a different way to operate the pump automatically.
  • We used 24V relay to mechanically connect pin 8 and pin 14 of the Masterflex peristaltic pump.


  • All group members met to work on the midterm presentation.
  • We decided to minimize text and make a good use of visual aids (flow charts)
  • We divided the presentation into three parts (Overview/Problem - Materials - Control System)
  • Rehearsal


  • We worked on the House of Quality for Automatic Lift Bed.
  • We decided to focus on performance (safety) and aesthetic elements.


  • Since the price of IV bag and other parts could be minimized, we researched for cheaper IV bag / sterile media bags.
  • - Waiting for our order to arrive… -


  • We designed an automatic lift bed that operates with rack and pinion mechanism.
  • We included a drop out table.
  • We also added a book shelf that functions as storage and support for the bed system.
  • We were able to get rid of 4th post
  • - Still waiting for our orders… -
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