Minute - February


  • We had a group meeting after EID103 class session to discuss individual sketches and decide group's best idea sketches.
  • Found several strengths and weaknesses of our individual drawings.
  • So, we brainstormed ideas about our design and made certain improvements such as better slide-open rid that also lifts up allograft parts and fool-proof mechanism that doesn't let the rid open too quickly.
  • We worked on finishing group sketches and ended up drawing three more new sketches.


  • We finalized our group sketches.


  • Meeting with Prof. Lima.
  • We discussed about the problems and established objectives of next few weeks.
  • We set up a meeting with Daniel Gitzel for demonstration of 2011 allograft preservation pump system.


  • Meeting with Daniel Gitzel
  • Daniel designed and programmed a pump system using a diaghragm pump (better for removing liquid), peristaltic pump, and arduino control system.
  • He gave us all documents from last year's project.
  • He showed us where all the necessary parts were stored.
  • He briefly explained how the system work.
  • However, the pump that he used is not available right now, therefore we will have to use different pump.
  • The control system needs to be modified for a new pump.


  • General Meeting
  • Progress and objects were discussed - we need to re-build the pump system.
  • We made a first draft of problem statement.
  • We discussed about the time line (Tentative schedule)


  • General Meeting
  • Progress and goals were discussed
  • We need to verify that impulse sealer works with the thick IV bag.
  • Find another peristaltic pump available
  • Find a large container to store a knee
  • Design a system that uses IV bag instead of sterile container.
  • Work on making an IV bag with input and output valves.
  • After few trials, we figured out a method to successfully sealing IV bag: Set impulse sealer dial at 8 and quickly press down firmly three times)
  • We discussed how the tubing system will be.


  • Successfully operated the pump system comprised of a peristaltic pump, a diaphragm pump, and four chambers with manually caliberated pump rates.
  • We decided to use Tupperware for solid chamber.


  • We made a first design of IV bag with input and output valves.
  • We used an IV bag with 2 tubes.
  • Attached valves that enables us to control flow directly.


  • IV bag passed the No Leak Test.
  • We met with Daniel Gitzel for an advice on operating the arduino control system.
  • We worked on putting the pump system together.


  • Met with Prof. Lima and talked about purchasing media bags and containers.
  • Discussed about which tubing size is ideal for the project.
  • We decided to finalize our BOM soon.
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