ESC110M Team for Cooper Box

Project Definition

Develop materials based on Material Science topics to put inside the Cooper Box. Also explore the design of the Cooper Box.

Current Status: A few preliminary experiments were performed. We need to analyze the economic benefits of each and figure out how to make it more of a contest or learning experience. Obviously they all use physics and mat sci concepts but we need to develop a way to place emphasis on these factors.

Team Members

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Peter Ascoli Tyler Distefano Matthew Lee Amanda{{:start:classes:materialsscience:cbox:559653_10150832261441293_1620536285_n.jpg?150x200|Amanda Yuan

———————– Peter Ascoli —————————Tyler Distefano————————- Matthew Lee —————————— Amanda Yuan ——-

The Box

What if the box was the Cooper logo? It could break off into to smaller boxes that contain the materials.

Inside the Box


Corn Starch, water and baking soda were mixed to form a clay-like substance. It had the consistency of mashed potatos but didn't form like clay like we had hoped. We thought that the clay could be used for a “Make the Most Solid Structure Contest.”

Monoclinic Crystals

Common “rock candy” can be used to make the user explore atomic arrangments. Rock candy in particular is monoclinic. Hopefully when we break it after it hardens it will break into larger, but obviously monoclinic shapes.

Lemon Battery

Using a galvanized nail and a penny, their is a potential difference across a lemon that creates a voltage. Unfortunately we think that our nail wasn't galvanized and thus the LED did not light up.

Spagetti Bridge

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