Amanda Yuan


I am a civil engineering major at the Cooper Union. I am graduating in May 2013. I am currently working on the Cooper Box project for ESC110 Material Science with Matthew Lee, Peter Ascoli, and Tyler DiStefano.

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My Work


Monoclinic Crystals (aka Rock Candy!) for the Cooper Box. Yes, those are bobby pins, rubber bands, and a chopstick in a very long shot glass.

Click here for updates on the Cooper Box!


Marine dock design for CE 120 Fundamentals of Civil Engineering


Close up of lamp on the dock.

Preliminary Design of a luxury condominium for my Senior Design Project


Exterior and interior walls of an office building in Revit for CE 122 Structures II


Redesign of Queens Boulevard, also known as the “Boulevard of Death”, to make it more pedestrian friendly for EID 110 Engineering Design Graphics

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