Final Automata

High Quality Solidworks Rendering

Took 10 minutes to render…

Current Progress

* Pictures of Automata

Above link shows pictures of where we are in the assembling process. On the main drive axle, we have a gear that successfully meshes with the gear in the music box. On that axle we also have a bevel gear that meshes with another bevel gear on the axle perpendicular to it. The main drive axle will control the dad and the images on the monitor, while the perpendicular axle will control the motions of the kid. We have also manufactured hubs for the gears and tapped holes for 4-40 set screws in them. The bevel gears already had hubs, so we needed to tap them. In the upcoming weeks we will perfect the double rack system which was not properly dimensioned the first time around. We will also be putting in the shoulder bolts which the gears will be mounted on.

* Solidworks Assembly

A few pictures taken using Snagit. Currently trying to learn how to get the double rack acting as the reciprocating mechanical mate it is used as in our design. If that gets figured out I will upload a motion study of the assembly


Research/Useful Links

Music Box Idea

Video of Music Box and Bill of Materials:

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