Team Clap

Team Members

Mitchell Cady
Kenneth Lehr
Alison Acevedo
Michael Pimpinella


8-O Imagine Sinisa, haunting his machine shop, circling helplessly unskilled students chopping, drilling, and lathing their limbs. It's a bleak and lonely place in the basement of Cooper Union and only the collection of metal scraps and rancid limbs had for Sinisa's play things. He moves in his arc, passes into the room in the back of the shop where the viewer cannot follow. Suddenly, a curtain springs aside! Shifting light outlines the creature, the amorphous reanimation of lost bits of Cooper students, his Frankenstein's monster. A melody only Poe could appreciate accompanies as you stand witness. Then once the horror is over, turn the crank, watch again and beware. 8-O

Intended Schedule

  • 3/9 Two mechanisms completed
  • 3/23 One mechanism completed
  • 3/30 Solidworks completed
  • 4/6 Troubleshoot Assembly completed
  • 4/13 Final Assembly completed
  • 4/20 Final Project due completed


Week of 1/22/2012

  • Friday, 1/27/2012
    • Discussed our idea in class. Decided to go with the Sinisa idea. Broke the project into 4 sections: mill, lathe, chopsaw, and Sinisa's monster. Each person in the group was assigned a portion and was to make sketches that we would share in a group meeting on 1/31/2012.

Week of 1/29/2012

  • Wednesday, 2/1/2012
    • The meeting was pushed back one day to account for a meeting a member had. We showed preliminary drawings. We will meet again to discuss a unified mechanism sometime next week.
  • Friday, 2/3/2012

Week of 2/5/2012

  • Friday, 2/10/2012
    • Professor Lima had us simplify the project. We intend to now have three moving machines, where only one includes a person losing an appendage. Sinisa still travels in a circle. The monster is now heavily implied, perhaps through a picture.

Week of 2/12/2012

  • Sunday, 2/12/2012
    • Brief meeting to work on a combined mechanism.
  • Friday, 2/17/2012

Week of 2/19/2012

  • Friday, 2/24/2012

Week of 2/26/2012

  • Friday 3/2/2012

Week of 3/4/2012

  • Throughout the course of the week:
    • Design and prototype of the one direction locking handle mechanism and belted lath mechanisms
  • Friday 3/9/2012

Week of 3/11/2012, Spring Break

  • Throughout the course of the week:
    • Design and prototype constructed for the curtain mechanism.
    • Design of Solidworks master sketch

Week of 3/18/2012

  • Friday, 3/23/2012
    • Presentation of Curtain Mechanism
    • Wiki Update

Week of 3/25/2012

  • Throughout the course of the week:
    • Finalization of Solidworks master sketch
  • Click this link to upload the Solidworks master sketch

Week of 4/8/2012

  • Throughout the course of the week:
    • We bought lots of acrylic at Canal Plastics, and learned that plexiglass = acrylic
    • Finalized gear sizes to be ordered after Solidworks is resized
    • Bought music box from amazon

Week of 4/15/2012

  • Monday 4/16/2012
    • The walls, floor and ceiling of the automata were laser cut today
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