Michael Pimpinella

Currently a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major at The Cooper Union.


Materials Science Lab

3D Printing

  • Designed an iPhone music stand and modeled it in Solidworks

Laser Cutting

Fastening Practice

We laser cut and assembled displays to practice riveting, tapping holes, using the heat gun to bend the acrylic, and fastening using a nut and bolt, and a captive nut.

Geneva Mechanism

Partners: Janet Butler, Polina Smirnova

The Geneva Mechanism translates continuous revolution of the drive wheel into step motion of the driven wheel. Our Geneva Mechanism was chosen to create a step motion of 1/5th of a rotation for each complete rotation of the drive wheel.


Machine Shop

Puzzle Box

The puzzle box was machined from brass and aluminum using the milling machine, the lathe, the bandsaw, and the drill press.

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