Ghost Protocol

…Because It Sounds Cool

Team Members

Janet ButlerJonathan Frydman Neil Muir Yaron Tokayer

Music from "way back then" is NOTHING like the music of today...

But no matter which one you like, we're highlighting the best of each for all to enjoy!

The Design

The Assembly

The Components

  • Switch Mechanism to choose which side plays
  • Orchestral side
    • A full orchestra with moving bows and a conductor
    • Beethoven played with the chimes of a music box
    • Dim lights to set the mood for the orchestral side
  • Modern Side
    • LED lights shining through clear acrylic for the party style
    • Kid sitting behind his laptop bopping his head and typing away
    • Speakers blast the the most recent recording of the popular music today

The Mechanisms


  • A lever moves the “dog gear” in a transverse direction to engage with one of the two drive shafts. This traverse motion is unaffected by the rotational motion of the shaft, allowing only one drive shaft to turn at once.
  • Each drive shaft will run one side of the Automata
  • Below is the full SolidWorks model of this mechanism:

Bow/Hand Movements

Check out the mechanisms we found at

Rotary to linear motion

With a pause for the percussionists

Past Ideas

Click here to see what our ideas were before we came to this one.


Here you can find the minutes to out meetings.


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