This meeting was to finalize our project idea and draw out the general components.

  • We chose the Rock'em Sock'em Robots idea. We think it has the most potential for multiple things going on at once and is more directed than our other ideas.
  • We decided to have a fight between Professors Uglesich and Wolf. Uglesich will be much taller to emphasize their hilarious height difference.
  • To depict Uglesich, he will be smoking (like in a particular demonstration he did in class) and holding his adorable daughter.
  • Behind each we will show scenes to represent each fighter. For wolf, we will show a scene with Professor Lima playing with a laser, and wolf as the school safety official (in a neon jacket and stop sign) will be trying to stop him, but Lima slips and accidentally gives wolf laser eye surgery.
  • For Uglesich, he will be in his room studying names of his students at one moment, and at the other dancing to house music.
  • In the background of all of this, we will have the crowd doing the wave


After meeting with Lima, it was decided that our original design was too complicated and involved too many scenes. Therefore, the purpose of this meeting was to simplify the idea, include more humor, and brainstorm ideas for the mechanisms we can use to make our music box happen.

  • We started off the meeting brainstorming ideas outside of the Rock'em Sock'em Robots to start fresh
  • However, we kept coming back to the Rock'em Sock'em idea and so we decided to stick with our original idea but make it simpler




This meeting was held to brainstorm a revised idea for our automata, because it was unfavorable in the eyes of the class. So we sat and sat until the meeting was adjourned. We came up with a lot of partial ideas with the hope that sitting on them might produce an idea. Among them were: -SOPA/PIPA consequences

-Social media through the ages and beyond

-Government control through the ages

-Historical progression of:

  1. entertainment
  2. music
  3. research
  4. word processing

At the end of the meeting we agreed that we should get Prof. Lima's input before following through with any ideas.


A very exciting day for Ghost Protocol. Janet, our savior, ran into Prof. Lima and together they sifted through our disjoint ideas come up with: Music: Then and Now. On one side, an orchestra and on the other, one guy with a computer pushing a button. The music switches halfway through from a classical piece to house music.


The goal of this meeting was to come up with the “switching” mechanism for the automata, a prototype of which is due on Friday. WOOHOO!

Proposal 1: A double geneva mechanism, and we use slow steps to drive the motion of each side.

Proposal 2: A shaved driving gear, so that half the time it is engaged with one side, and disengaged for the other half.

For Friday, we will prototype Propoal 2. Neil and Yaron will work on the drawing and solidworks, whilst Janet and Jon (from the laser cutting group) build.


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