CNC Phone Stand


This project will introduce you to generating a CNC toolpath, using a simple gantry style CNC machine, and slush casting a prototype in plastic resin. The Rolland MDX-540 can use proprietary software to cut parts or industry standard programming instructions, know as G-code. G-code specifies initialization parameters then a series of points for the machine to move to at a given feed rate. Although it is possible to write G-code manually, programs like MasterCAM automate the process for complicated or large parts.


A cellphone stand has been designed for you in solidworks and exported as an IGES. Import the part into mastercam and generate a series of toolpaths to cut the part using a .25” flat endmill. Use the backplot and verify commands to check for errors. Output the G-code and send Dale the mastercam and g-code files so that he can verify the code is safe. Cut the mold on the CNC machine. Use the mold to slush cast a plastic copy.


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