Using the Mechanical Tester

  1. Open the program either from source or from the .exe
  2. Go to file→settings and open the default settings, settings.cfg
  3. Go to file→find DAQ and then use the find DAQ button to search for connected DAQs. Then click on Connect to DAQ to initialize the DAQ. Position and load should now display in the software.
  4. Jog the motor all the way to the bottom and verify the bottom limit switch is functioning. Press lightly on the load cell to verify a warning for maximum load reached appears.
  5. With the load cell safely removed and clear of the motor run an empty SRL test to verify the software controls the motor safely. Also try running an SRL test and manually press on the load cell to verify the test stops when the maximum load is reached
  6. Replace the load cell and place a sample in the tester.
  7. Use the motor speed adjustment and motor movement buttons to bring the loading platen close to the sample. Be sure to have the motor set to a slow speed as the platen nears the sample.
  8. While the load cell is still free zero the load
  9. Monitor the load displayed and slowly move the platen to the sample until a small (.1g) load is registered. The platen and sample are now in contact. Back the platen off until a zero load is reached again and rezero the load cell and position.
  10. Use the Test Parameters→ open Test Parameters menu item to load parameters for your test or enter new ones and save them with the save command. You do not need to save the parameters in order to run a test.
  11. Select your test type and click “Run”
  12. Monitor the tester for any unusual behavior and be ready to kill the tester's power.
  13. A dialog box will appear when the test is finished. You can view the test with the graph button.
  14. To save the test use the file→ save data menu item. This window allows you to specify a file path and add info to automatically generate a file name.
  15. The saved file will contain the test parameters and if a combined test was run, the static and dynamic modului.
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