Troy Singletary


Greetings. I am Troy Singletary, a mechanical engineer in Cooper Union's class 2016, and this page displays some of my recent projects.

DLD Final Project

Galaga II This project was done in collaboration with Daniel Hsin. It's a kind of 2-player shooting game that utilizes flip flops, shift registers, 555 timers and push button switches to make the players move, shoot and keep score.

EID 101

hexablock.jpg This project involved Nolana Wong, David Shekhtman, Sohan Mone, John Dibattista and myself. Our goal was to design a new building block unit which was better or less worse than the ones currently in use and the picture above is our interpretation.

EID 103

A second term project with Amos Chung, Jacqueline Le and Jonathan Au. We were tasked with coming up with a cable less transmission of more than two speeds and Amos put this design together. The rest of us helped with research and construction.

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