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My New Site!

Hello, my name is Nick Breeser and I am a Mechanical Engineer in the class of 2016 at the Cooper Union. I love everything related to Apple Inc and currently hold five certifications for their products. This will serve as my projects page where I share my work throughout the year.

I hope you find it interesting!

EID 101

Engineering Design and Problem Solving 101 Section A with Professor Toby Cumberbatch explored the idea of a novel, modular, scaleable system for sustainable plant growth in an urban environment. The project, titled GAIA, went through many iterations, starting with a small coloseum. However, our final design was inspired by book shelves in a library.

CS 102

My final project for CS 102 was a Solid Works rendering of the Mac Pro. Since Apple does not publish measurements, all measurements were taken by hand. I used a method of extrude-cutting thousands of holes through a mirrored piece of sheet metal.

Wall-E Inspired Rhino Duck

To begin learning Rhino, I decided to make a ducke that was inspired by the character Eve in Wall-E. Although simplistic in appearance, it took many iterations to get the eyes to translate correctly from a tiff file that I made in PhotoShop and wrapped around the head as a texture.


This project was done to practice surface modeling in solid works. A tutorial from was followed.

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