About Me

Hi, my name is Jung Whan (No middle name. My first name is 2 syllables :) Ahn, but please call me Mike. I prefer that name. I'm ME 2016.

Welcome to my portfolio.

Past Works


Warning: The video is in Korean. If you don't understand Korean, or you simply don't care about the introduction, jump straight to 0:43

This is the video that I made to show off a robot that I designed, created, and programmed. Robot's purpose is to move through different obstacles and barricades, and avoid falling into traps (which is portrayed with black plate in the video). It does not stop automatically when it reaches the checkpoint, but it has sensor on top that force stops the robot when it senses something above, usually for hands.

Robot Platform: Bioloid Advanced Kit. Maybe some lego

EID 103

Rhino Duck

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