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{{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:foldingbike:transmission_shell.jpg?480}} {{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:foldingbike:transmission_shell.jpg?480}}
-For more, in-depth information, click on [[start:classes:principlesofdesign:foldingbike:start:transmission_upgrade|Transmission Upgrade]]+====Drawbot==== 
 +  * As a side project, we also created a drawbot to draw shapes within a given boundary. Our design used the polar coordinate system rather than the x-y system, which everyone else used. 
 + {{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:jacqueline_le:le_drawbot3_foldingbike.jpg?480}} 
 +For more, in-depth information on both of these projects, click on [[start:classes:principlesofdesign:foldingbike:start:transmission_upgrade|Transmission Upgrade]]
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