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iGEM 2012

LEDs, more formally known as light emitting diodes, have a wide range of uses from industrial to home applications. They have a longer lifespan of up to 200 times the lifespan of traditional incandescent lightbulbs (1). However, in the manufacturing of the central component of the LED, the semiconductor, factories dump an excessive amount of “acids, cyanide compounds, organic solvents, silicon tetrachloride…[and] arsine gas” that is dumped into surrounding waters (2).

Quantum dots may be an alternative to traditional LED manufacturing methods. Although the production of quantum dots poses the same challenges as the production of LEDs, new research has shown that it is possible to genetically modify bacteria to produce quantum dots. We believe that by integrating bacterially produced quantum dots with LEDs, we will be able to develop an environmentally friendly manufacturing method for LEDs that will help enhance the brightness of the LEDs.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the general group, feel free to send an email to

Team Members

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——Anthony Simonetti——————–Eric Ramos————————Yuta Makita———————Stanley George——-


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Y: Yuta Makita A: Anthony Simonetti S: Stanley George E: Eric Ramos

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
09:00 Y A A S S Y A
10:00 Y A A S S Y A
11:00 Y A S E Y A S E Y A S E Y E Y A S E
12:00 Y A S E Y A S E Y E Y A S E
01:00 A S
02:00 A S MEETING Y Y A S E EID 103
04:00 Y E Y E Y S E Y
05:00 Y E S E
06:00 E A Y A S E EID 103
07:00 E A A S E EID 103
08:00 A S


End of the Year Show

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