Photo Mosaic

  1. At the Centralized Location
    • Big Projector/Monitor
    • Explanation on Static Board
    • Donation Mechanism/Webcam on Machine/Laptop
  2. On the Website
    • Mosaic Image
    • Explanation
    • Donation Mechanism/Image Upload

Android App

  1. At the Scavenger Hunt Location
    • Get GeoToken
    • See AR content. e.g., Feedback Videos, Info Videos.
  2. Anywhere
    • Donation Mechanism
    • Access to Photo Mosaic

Token System

With more tokens:

  • Picture gets bigger
  • Social Networking/Leaderboard
  • Corporate Sponsorships can match donations relative to token amounts.
  • Corporate Coupons for finding a lot. “First to find 5 on Tuesdays gets a free donut!”
  • Unlock more (AR?) content
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