Hi, my name is Andrew Tallaksen. I chose to work on this project because I wanted to learn more about programming. My task was to was to work on the back-end of my group's project, the database and website. I used Django, a python web framework, and Heroku, a cloud application platform, to accomplish this. Below is other work from the EID 103 class. Enjoy!

Initial "Giving Tree" Idea Sketches

(Click on picture to see larger image)
————Generic Poster Idea————–Landmarks/Corporate Sponsors———Sculpture in Peter Cooper Park———————Brick by Brick——————
clock_pie_chart_and_face_game.jpeg dead_plant_to_life.jpeglogo_to_your_name.jpegname_on_side_of_building.jpegflower_pots_garden_of_life.jpeg
——-Clock Pie Chart/Face Game———————Dead Plant to Life—————————Logo to Your Name——————–Name on Side of Building————————–Garden of Life—————-

Duck and CO2 Racecar

Learning to model using Rhino

Camaro Sidepanel

The beginning stages of a Camaro in SolidWorks

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