Hi! I'm Andrew Liu, and I'm part of the 2016 class at The Cooper Union. I study mechanical engineering and hope to engineer and design cars in my career.

Past Projects

EID 101

In the Fall 2012 semester, Andrew Wentzel, Andrew Rehayem, and I assisted the Cooper Motorsports Team as part of our EID 101 class. We constructed a PVC model of the 2013 Formula SAE car's frame and conducted ergonomics testing. In order for team members to perform maintenance tasks on the car quickly, we designed and modeled a push-pull bar with an integrated quick-jack to speed up the process.

EID 103

During the Spring 2013 semester, Jenny Jung, Deanna Kovalcin, Mike Ahn, and I worked on designing and prototyping a folding bike that would suit a commuter's needs through main concepts of compactness, lightness, and convenience.


Here is the page: Bike Frame

Transportation Design

During recent summers, I participated in various transportation design programs in both America and Germany. Through these experiences, I've learned a great deal about the automotive design industry and what it takes to be a successful designer. Furthermore, I gained sketching and perspective techniques helpful in designing cars.

Lawrence Technological University


The goal was to design a new mainstream car for the Ford brand. It had to be a different design that would still be feasible.


The assignment was to create a small car for the urban lifestyle - a “micro-car” body style.

38864_1427515406620_6092231_n.jpg 35073_1427515526623_3767504_n.jpg


The task was to design a car that could change the direction of the Lincoln brand, a brand affiliated with strictly luxury cars.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

In the small town of Karlsruhe,Germany, I attended a week-long engineering program where students learned the basics about engineering and what it means. We traveled to different factories and workshops to see engineers and manufacturing live. Additionally, we visited a metal workshop and created our own aluminum airplane models.

Motorcity Europe

In Cologne, Germany I participated in a week-long design program in which I modeled my own speedboat using clay. In the seminar, I learned various design techniques from a successful Ford automotive designer.


Misc. Sketches

I enjoy sketching and drawing, especially when it comes to cars. I like to draw both existing cars and ones of my own creation.

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