Team Members

Gerard O'Donnell, Michael Hirschberger, Piotr Michalik, Ratan Rai Sur, Mary Madison Mazur, Tabitha Rivera

Project Description

Fun In The Lab

Materials used were sugar (granulated and powdered), water, and corn starch

Ratan having a little too much fun with mixing

Making the first attempt with only sugar and water

Was too much water and never solidified

Same components with less water

Material did solidify but did not stay liquid long enough to 3-D print with

This time added cornstarch to the mixture with less water



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Physics recitation Probability Gerard Michael Piotr
10:00 Physics recitation Probability Gerard Michael Piotr
11:00 HSS3 lecture Ratan Physics lecture differential equations Physics lecture
12:00 Gerard Physics Lab Ratan Probability
1:00 Gerard Physics Lab Ratan
2:00 Material Science Tabitha Seminar Material Science
3:00 Physics lecture Material Science Tabitha Physics lecture
4:00 Physics lecture Differential equations Tabitha
5:00 Differential equations Tabitha Tabitha Tabitha
6:00 Engineering Mech. Tabitha Tabitha Ratan
7:00 Mary (until Nov.) Engineering Mech. Tabitha Tabitha Ratan
8:00 Mary Engineering Mech. Tabitha Tabitha Tabitha
9:00 Mary Ratan Ratan Tabitha Tabitha


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