Preliminary sketch.


Super Sculpey


Extruded goodness

open box

Checking against the sketch


Cardstock mandrel, to keep the ring circular. I tore the edge to soften it so it wouldn't mark the clay.


Cardboard supports for the furnace

bake setup

Rough sanding with 100 grit to take down the high spots.

100 grit

Looks like my cardstock stretched it out..


150 grit sanding

150 grit

220 grit sanding

220 grit

600 grit sanding

600 grit

Flat spot sanded off to set the diamond


Getting the setting ready

Filling in

Shaved off high spots with a blade

Filled and shaped the underside of the bezel

Testing the fit of the stone

After sanding

Attached stone using liquid clay

Getting ready to cast

Key registers in place

First half poured and clay mostly removed

It's alive!

Filled with water and clamped to prevent leaks


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