The Whirling Drillbits

Team Members

Project Ideas

Music Box

Current music box concept is a Cooper engineering student trying - and failing - to escape. We think we want to have the student trying to get out of the Cooper computer center, being thwarted by a samurai sword-wielding Professor Cusack, a Kernigan-and-Ritchie-toting Professor Lent, an evil trap door clown holding a copy of Halliday and Resnick's Fundamentals of Physics (said clown will bear an uncanny resemblance to Prof. Wolf), and a paper-jamming printer that may be carnivorous. A massive head of Peter Cooper will be chasing the student around the room.

In the background, a nerdy engineering student will be battling with a dirty art student. Also, Keith will be in his office behind the glass getting choked out by a computer virus.

Design Sketches

Initial Ideas - Isometric View

Mechanism Layout: Method I

Mechanism Layout: Method II

CAD Designs


External Links

Applet showing how a snail cam works Timing belt and pulley manufacturer; great customer support

Google Docs List of components to be purchased

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