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Music Box Design

Here is the Bill of Materials for our Flute Box design:

Bill of Materials

Here is an archive of all of the SolidWorks files for our Flute Box design, including a final video of the assembly:

Flute Box Design

Automata Progress

Gun Mechanism

Gun Mechanism. This mechanism has been revised as to replace the spring that the gun came with. Now we can control when the gun shoots easily.

Gun and Linear Progression Mechanisms Combined

Gun and Linear Progression Mechanisms Combined

Start of Design for 90 degree Gears

Start of Design for 90 degree Gears. The horizontal gear in this picture is not fully cut out yet because we would like to consult Prof. Lima first, but basic design has been rastered on.

Box Design

Box Design

Putting the finishing touches on the music box

Main Gears

Mario And Luigi

Martin Cutting



The following is the potential abstract for our music box



The world stood at the brink. Wario had stuffed the royal toilet. Princess Peach was as usual, in another castle. The most excellent plumbers the world has ever seen, Mario and Luigi were called in to fix the problem. They ran in circles taking turns plumbing as plumbers had never plumbed before, but to no avail. Even their trusty plumbing song, Yellow Submarine had no effect. Now they call upon you to observe their royal efforts… look closely and maybe you can see what the problem is…

This custom-designed automata involved a variety of tools and efforts to create. The gear system was custom designed using AutoCad and cut using a laser cutter. The aluminum housing for the music box was machined in the shop. The music box was also anodized to change it from an unappealing gray to a cool pink.

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