Dream Team

Team Members

Michael Isakov

Andrew Knueppel

Jonathan Ostrander

Alexander Livermore

Knight Chess Piece:

Revised Knight Chess Piece (Proper Dimensions):

Jessica Loo


New Idea Summary:

Humanities vs Science

On an incline plane battlefield. A scientist and his pet robot dog are at the top of the plane. At the bottom is a humanities professor. Dynamic dialogue pickets connote the emotions of each fighter. The scientist thinks he has the upper hand, and uses the gravitational force to kill the humanities professor by pushing a block down at the humanities professor. Ironically, the professor falls on a button that causes a giant book to fall on the scientist. In the end, everyone dies and only the robot remains on the battlefield. Science wins!

Old Idea Summary:

An academic war-zone. The empirical sciences do battle with the “social” sciences. The setting is a college campus. The humanities building is in the center. On one side, fueled by tears and lost dreams is Prof. Alan Wolf. riding aboard student bound by the chains of academia. In his hand he wields the weapon known only as “ballpoint pen.” On the other side is Prof. Rob Uglesich, riding aboard one of his giant robotic cockroaches, wielding his deadly and rather expensive green laser pointer. The two physicists ride in circular patterns around the building. As they approach the building they attack it using their revolutionary weaponry. The building catches fire and the self righteous bourgeois lament in horror, reciting poems as their only defense. As the two warriors retreat from the building to gain their strength, a compassionate civil engineer repairs the building. As Prof. Wolf retreats from the building, he approaches his farm of distraught students, off of whose tears he regains his strength and is able to transform into his superior form. As Prof. Uglesich retreats from the building, he is hidden by some polarizers only to reemerge with full strength with fellow Patriots fans cheering him on. And so the warriors continue, in all their fury, to attack the humanities building as the one lone Civ-E desperately tries to repair it.

*Note that Wolf's background is his office

*Note that Uglesich's background is his office

Preliminary SolidWorks Design of Automata



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