February 21, 2012
  • After review of Car and Block gear intricacy, we have chosen to change part of the story. We figured that having a man fly through a car window wouldn't be translated correctly with the gears at our disposal.
  • The change to the initial story is that we are replacing the Block of mass M subscript A popping up from the ground and hitting a car. In placement of this Mass block A popping up from the ground, we are going to have a person standing at the collision spot, which makes greater sense for the lawyer aspect in the later scene where the body is thrown through the Cooper wall.
  • The blackboard which shows the lesson plan, will still roll up in the lecture scene, but it will show the new street setup. There will be a person standing in the street and then a block of mass M subscript A colliding with him.
  • We could write Mass subscript A ยป> than Mass of person (in the street scene). Maybe the person is trying to cross a street where the stop walking sign is flashing like most NYC walkers do. Could be funny.

We are trying to work out the little details which will make the story more perfectly clear to the user.

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