Initial Designs


January 27, 2012

Physics demonstrations by Prof. Wolf. We would have a two part scene. A wall separating Cooper Rose Auditorium from the street. On the Cooper Lecture side there would be Prof. Wolf giving his class a lesson on Momentum and students in the audience falling asleep(heads falling). There would be a black board initially at the front of the room, with Momentum written big across the top portion and maybe p=mv. Then there would be action on the street, one car hits the other (this could be elaborated to be very silly). The collision send one of the men in the car flying out through the windshield and his head pops through the Rose Auditorium wall. Prof wolf then has another written phrase pop up on the chalk board saying, AND NOW THATS MOMENTUM! After this pops up on the board Prof. Wolf who is known around cooper for his background and previous work in Law. He turns to the head in the wall and you see him lift a business card with lawyer written across it! That's it so far. We need to refine the details and the craziness on the new york city street that causes the accident, but we like the lawyer thing and the classroom demonstration idea. We could have some other demo for the classroom running when head pops in.

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