Compliance Testing

First Data Acquisition

The load cell was held relatively constant for 8 seconds and then released. We simulated one wave at 13 seconds. The load is in volts because that is the raw data acquired from the DAQ board. The conversion of volts to joules is in progress.

Circled is the time elapsed that is cause from the written acquisition program. Every 1500 samples (or every second) acquisition must pause in order to save the samples. We will continue to minimize this source of error.

You may see the actual excel file created by the program here.

Reducing Elapsed Time

The following is a study of the average elapsed time every second for the tests run at different frequencies:

Even though a frequency of 1460 per second is ideal, further studies are needed to comfirm the reproducibility of this study.

First Test Results: The Packing Peanut

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