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 +==Group Minutes==
 +Please post these here:
 +===December 1, 2010===
 +  * Optics that were ordered came in
 +  * Tested optics with laser pointer
 +  * Mounted optics in proper mounts
 +  * Found focal length of lens
 +===October, 20, 2010===
 +  * Found that we needed a zero degree shift mirror and ninety degree shift mirror to achieve optimal beam geometry
 +  * Looked up prices on ebay for mirrors
 +  * Looked up lenses for CO2 lasers on ebay and found that ZnSe is most prevalent
 +  * Found prices for ZnSe lens on ebay
 +  * Talked to Sinisa regarding a standardized tool mount for CNC machines
 +  * Found prices for CNC mount on ebay
 +  * Found prices for optics mount on ebay
 +  * Make model of [[Laser Beam Redirection|setup]] on AutoCAD
 +  * Discovered that preconfigured setups for the optics for a CO2 laser are available on ebay and that they are also cheaper than assembling the setup by ourselves
 +===November, 9, 2010===
 +  * Searched for adjustable mirror mounts for co2 laser
 +  * Found out that quarter wave is the same as 90 degree phase shift, which we mentioned before as circularly polarizing light.
 +  * Found a laser kit with co2 laser lens,laser reflectors, laser mirrors, and laser head with air nozzle for $200.
 +  * Used Noah's suggestion of mirror mount with 1/4 wave first mirror for $69. This will give us one mirror that has a 90 degree phase shift.
 +  * Needed one more mirror, cheaper to buy 3 for $20 from alibaba.com.
 +  * E-mailed distributor for dimensions on mirror mounts and laser head, and Yudi will try calling the business number later today.
 +===November, 17, 2010===
 +  * Made the check list for all the parts that need to be ordered with price.
 +  * Made an arlternative list of parts with price as a back up.
 +  * Sent Professor Lima the list.
 +===November, 20, 2010===
 +  * Made another alternative parts list that included mirror mounts, quantities, and specified different optics.
 +  * Uploaded price list from alibaba.com, and an alternate price and parts list.
 +  * Updated optics subsystem page to better reflect our current situation.
 +  * 1/4 wave is not the same as 90 degree phase shift.
 +===November, 23, 2010===
 +  * Made sure that the mirrors and mounts had been ordered from alibab.com.
 +  * Got the actual costs of all the parts needed.
 +  * The alternative list will not be needed anymore.
 +  * Talked about the things that should be covered in the paper.
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